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Southern Roots

Granola is not meant to be boring, so we added soul!

Welcome to the online shopping site for Southern Roots Specialty Foods' Granola with Soul!™  We deliver high quality specialty food products crafted through culinary creativity. Great pride is taken in preparing each batch of gourmet granola for our customers. We desire to evoke feelings of love and kindness through our products rooted in the culinary traditions of southern culture and hospitality. At Southern Roots, we say "If it’s truly southern, it must have soul!"™ 

Our specialty granola line includes five distinct flavors. Customers consistently describe our creatively crafted oats as delicious, fresh and unique. We use top quality ingredients to inspire extraordinary flavor and great taste in each batch. Granola with Soul™  is a great alternative to sugary snacks. This product is perfect for adding bonus flavoring to dry cereal, yogurt, ice cream, salads and pastries. Our specialty granola can enhance the taste of many food products. 

We invite you to try each of our delicious flavors. Order your gourmet granola TODAY!  You'll be happy that you added a lil' soul to your life. Remember, granola is not meant to be boring!

Granola with Soul

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